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Arizona Wins Game On Shady Buzzer Beater


After Butler got the home win last weekend due to a shady timekeeping error, the Arizona Wildcats appear to be in the same boat this week. Trailing Lipscomb (who?) by 2 points late in the game the ‘Cats rebounded a missed free throw and drove the ball up the court getting it into the hands of Nic Wise, who got a desperation 3-point attempt off as time expired. The problem is that the game clock and the clock attached to the shot clock were reading off by about a tenth of a second, which in the real world is no big deal, but in the game of basketball can mean the difference between a win or one of the nastier upsets in Arizona’s history.

The clock on the backboard appears to hit zeros while the ball is still in Wise’s hands, in fact you can clearly hear the horn sounding before the ball is completely out. But the game clock still appears to show some time remaining, about .1 seconds, with the ball completely out of Wise’s hands. Even the game announcers are uncertain of the outcome initially, but are rolling with the buzzer beater after looking at the one angle that shows the ball out of Wise’s hands with time on the clock. The refs gathered for a few minutes, looked at replays from multiple angles and eventually decided that the bucket was good, ‘Cats win.

Check out Nic Wise’s postgame interview, talking about the shady buzzer beater after the jump…


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