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UPDATE: Apparently Gatti Committed Suicide


UP{DATE: Actor Mickey Rourke, a friend of Gatti’s, said: “Now they’re trying to say it was suicide? That’s such a bunch of bullsh*t. A man like that is the last (f)uckin’ person in the world that would commit suicide.”

The police down in Brazil are now saying that Gatti committed suicide and have released his wife, Amanda Rodrigues. And we say something is fishy about this one because all fingers still point to her as the killer.

Now we know for sure he was strangled to death with a small ass purse strap and that his wife was asleep in the room when it happened. Granted, our knig Arturo Gatti could have just snuffed out his own life out of the blue as the police are saying now, but that doesn’t explain all the blood the police found at the scene of the “crime”.

What did he do, whoop his own ass before strangling himself? We don’t think so. But this is what happens when you go to a country with a wack ass police force. Which is why we will never set foot in Mexico again. But for now, this case is closed, we guess…


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