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Andrew Bynum Cracks Up as Teammate Gets Crossed Over by Jeff Teague


Jeff Teague’s crossover on Evan Turner was a signature moment in the Hawks Game 1 upset over the Pacers in Indy, but Andrew Bynum’s reaction to his teammate getting put on skates proved to be the most legendary moment.

As Turner got put in the mixer, Bynum could be seen on the Pacers bench completely giving no fucks as cracked and tried to cover his face in a desperate attempt to try and hide the reaction, which is never a good look in the midst of a loss.

Bynum has been posted on Chilligan’s Island for most of the season and will miss the entire 1st round series as he continues to try and bounce back from knee injuries, but should continue to make his impact felt for the remainder of the Pacers time in the playoffs.


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