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Andre Smith In…Crabtree Still Out

John Krease Aug 31


So the man with titties just as big as Maria Sharapova’s, Andre Smith, has finally accepted the Bengals offer and sadly for him it was not for how much him and his agent wanted. Sure he’s going to get $21 mill guaranteed and $28 mill total over 4 years with an option to extend the deal if he wants for 2 more years…

But as the #6 pick he was looking for a deal somewhere in between what Sanchez got ($28 mill) as the #5 pick and what Darrius Heyward-Bey got ($23.5 mill) at #7.

So with Andre Smith settling for less money, that only leaves one player drafted in the first round that has not signed a contract yet…Michael Crabtree. Drafted 10th, Crabtree is looking for a deal that is comparable to what Heyward-Bey got.

Now Crabtree’s agent has already said that he’s willing to sit out the entire year if he doesn’t get what he wants, but the 49ers still aren’t budging and neither is the Crabtree camp. It’s an old fashion standoff…so who’s going to blink first?


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