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America’s Most Suspended Athletes

John Krease Dec 21

Number One: Ron Artest (NBA)

Suspensions: 12

Ron Artest earned his most infamous suspension as an Indiana Pacer in 2004. He was a key player in the notorious brawl with the Detroit Pistons. During a chaotic rumble, Artest rushed a fan in the stands and punched another fan on the court. The NBA suspended Artest for the remainder of the season, 73 regular-season games. Artest moved to the Houston Rockets this year. Says current teammate Yao Ming: “Hopefully he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands.” Artest’s response? “I’m still ghetto.”

Number Two: Kenyon Martin (NBA)

Suspensions: 9

Kenyon Martin once compared himself to the Incredible Hulk. “Like they say,” he told a reporter, “you wouldn’t like me when I’m mad.” The former first overall pick received nine suspensions over the past 10 years. In a first-round playoff game in 2006, Martin argued with his coach after playing only seven minutes in the first half. He stayed in the locker room at the start of the third quarter. His team took the unusual action of suspending their player in the midst of a playoffs run.

Number Three: Chris Pronger (NHL)

Suspensions: 6

Chris Pronger’s most recent suspension came this March. In a game against the Vancouver Canucks, Pronger stomped on an opponent’s leg as he lay on the ice. The NHL dealt the veteran an eight-game suspension. The leg-stomp recipient was uninjured but others weren’t so fortunate. According to ESPN, Pronger was suspended in 1995 for fracturing another player’s thyroid cartilage by hitting him in the throat with his stick.

Here is the rest of the people who made the Forbes Top Ten Most Suspended Athletes:

Andre Roy – NHL, Stephen Jackson – NBA, Rasheed Wallace – NBA, Donald Bashear – NHL, Gary Sheffield – MLB, Scott Nichol – NHL, Kobe Byrant – NBA



  1. Cordelia December 21, 2008

    Intriguing and very real!! Mannn o mannn I didn’t know that Ron was the most suspend American athlete!! I think he should not be in the NBA anymore because he isn’t thinking about his team when he does all his negative actions, he is all about him self 24/7!!


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