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Allen Iverson To Play In Turkey?


Over the past few weeks, Allen Iverson has been linked to several teams in China, reportedly turning down a 4-million dollar deal to play in the Chinese Basketball Association.  Today Yahoo!Sports is reporting that Iverson is close to signing in with Besiktas Cola Turka, a mid-level team in the Turkish league.

The deal is reportedly for 1-year and would net Iverson 2 million dollars, if he reaches certain incentives and earns all of his bonuses.

Having played professionally for a team in Turkey several years ago, I think Iverson will adjust well to Turkish culture, nightlife and party scene. In my extensive international travels, Istanbul is one of my favorite places, and serves as Turkey’s economic, political and social capital.

It is a beautiful city that sits on the Sea of Maramar and Turkish people are enamored with stars and celebrities of Iverson’s stature.  Iverson, who is recently divorced, will have his pick of dozens of attractive singers and actresses, and will fit in fine with his flossy lifestyle…..

While Turkish basketball officials are notorious for unscrupulous behavior, the only issue that should concern Iverson, is whether or not he will receive all of the money that he signed for.

Besiktas Cola Turka is the same team that reportedly owes Lonnie Baxter $180,000 dollars, and that case is under review.  My old Turkish club(who shall remain nameless) shafted me out of nearly $20,000 dollars, bread I could use right about now.

Neither I nor Lonnie had the respect or star power that a former NBA MVP commands, so I don’t suspect Besiktas to stiff Iverson for his loot. These negotiations have been widely reported and Iverson will be the highest profile player to ever grace the courts of Turkey.

He should be straight.

For those of the opinion that this move tarnishes Iverson’s legacy, who cares? At this stage of the game, Iverson isn’t concerned with his legacy, and I doubt he ever was. It’s about that paper for Iverson, that other stuff  is for the sportswriters to debate, and something that players like AI rarely give a shit about.

2 million dollars is 2 million dollars, no matter if it’s the NBA or Nairobi.

Let that man get his bread and drink his Sambuca in peace, stop the hating.

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