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All I Know Is, The Idaho Coach Has A Lot Of Balls


Idaho head coach Robb Akey has a king-kong-sized set of balls. With his Vandals trailing by 7 in the final moments of the game, the squad engineered one of the greatest comeback in the history of shitty Bowls. The Vandals marched down the field and scored a touchdown with 4 seconds remaining in the game. Instead of playing it safe and kicking the extra point, Akey decided to leave the offense on the field. Maybe ESPN got in his ear and told him that going to overtime would have taken even more time away from the much more important Holiday Bowl featuring Arizona and Nebraska, or maybe Akey figured his team was rolling and they had one more big play in them.

The decision proved to be huge as Idaho got the miraculous win in front of the home crowd. After 9 consecutive losing seasons in which they were beaten like a redheaded stepchild constantly, Akey has gotten the program in the right direction and with this win over a pretty solid Bowling Green program the Vandals players should be taking advantage of a lot of courtesy hojos when school gets back in session.

Check out a fan video of the crowd bolting past security to rush the field after the jump…


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