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Alabama Fan Gets Emotional After Son Gives Him Ticket to BCS National Championship


One Alabama fan got the Christmas gift of a lifetime from his son, in the form of a ticket to watch the Crimson Tide take on Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship game.

Grandpa initially was tricked into believing that he got a shitty hat from his kid, graciously accepting the gift before being encouraged to look inside the hat where he discovered the golden ticket.

This looked like some of that Willy Wonka shit right here, and if it doesn’t make your heart flutter just a little (even though Grandpa’s reaction caused him to start screaming like a little girl at a Bieber concert) then you might have a heart like Scrooge.

Not trying to be that cynic but how much would it suck if the ticket was as counterfeit as those janky iPads that some of ya’ll were persuaded into buying for your Holiday(s) of choice?

Video of the Alabama fan’s legendary reaction to getting a ticket to the BCS National Championship game after the jump…


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