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Al Davis is a Nightmare

Having Al Davis in the news is not good for my sleep. With him recently in the news for cutting players, most blogging outlets have been using this frightening picture of Al. A picture and face that haunts me in my sleep. But, where does this fear stem from? Maybe it is because Al Davis looks like…

Yes, the infamous Leprechaun. With players now afraid of getting “DeAngelo’d” and cut for no apparent reason, I am sure Al haunts them in their sleep as well. Players, as if they were in a Freddy Kruger Movie, are scared to go to sleep…it’s no wonder the Raider players are often sluggish and tired-looking on the field. Scared that Al Davis, “The Leprechaun,” will come for them in their sleep and take their money, players are more scared of him than they are a drug test. Media, lets not cause anymore nightmares than needed, so lets stop running Al Davis photos.



  1. Frank DuModular November 7, 2008

    Al look like the zombie in Tales from the Crypt


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