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Agent Zero Is Back And Other NBA Random ‘Ish…

Kodackid Sep 17


Glibert Arenas: So we tell you yesterday in our NBA random ‘ish segment that we were going to tell you about Gilbert Arenas coming back and they want to go ad do an entire segment on him today, go figure. But just in case you haven’t heard…it sounds as though our knig has that ’06 28 points per game swag back.

You know the Gilbert that was busting peoples asses for game and celebrating as soon as he let it go. The Arenas that was an All-Star and a nut hair away from making the Olympic Team. Yeah that dude. But as we always tell you don’t just take our words for it, check out these videos of him working out this summer….he nice!

Watch Kobe and Carmelo Play 1-on-1: Call us a Kobe hater if you want, but we say Carmelo is about to give him buckets. And if you were thinking they were going one-on-one on the court you were half right. The two will be playing NBA 2K10 online tomorrow and anybody who wants can watch and talk sh*t to Kobe and/or Carmelo as they play via a webcast…all you got to do is SIGN UP RIGHT HERE.

The NBA Still Has No Refs: All the fines the NBA be handing out and they still can’t pay the refs as much as they want. Last night the League offered the Refs a new sweeter deal and it was so appalling that rejected that sh*t like Dikembe Mutombo with a vote of 57-0. The good news is that they are getting closer to striking a deal, they’re only $600,000 to $700,000 apart now, the bad news is that the first preseason game is coming up on October 1st. Welp looks like replacement refs it is….

Desmond Mason: The Sacramento Kings are about to sign DMason to a one year deal for $1.18 mill. He’s been bounced around the league quite a bit and he still has a broke jumper, but the boost is still there. So Sacramento rejoice because he’s a hell of a lot better than what you had. With his addition your 13 man roster has been set, so see the sorry excuse of a team they’ll be suiting up next year here.

Juwan Howard: Damn, this dude outlasted CWebb and Jalen Rose…who would have thunk it. He’s 36 and has been in the league for 13 years. About to be 14 now because he just signed a one year deal to sit the bench for the vet minimum ($1.2 mill) with the Trailblazers. Play on player.


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