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JerseyChaserâ„¢ Entrance

JerseyChaser was established way back in 2007 to provide the young generation of online sports fans with news and entertainment. Tired of having to go to a variety of sites large and small to keep up with the latest sports news, JerseyChaser was created to be the one stop sports portal. Featuring a mixture of exclusive and user generated content, we are serving fans with all the legendary content they crave in one destination.

JerseyChaser is the site that you should and will go to before big sites like ESPN. And odds are we are your favorite athletes favorite website.

We are not sports writers, we are legends. So you won’t find JerseyChaser in the press box or at the news conference. You will find us at the local watering hole rooting for our favorite teams, screaming insanely in the crowd, or passed out in the parking lot, because we got too active during pregame. JerseyChaser is the proverbial hater repellent for those that wish to impose their assinine views on us all. Consider us the bi-polar opposition to the mostly square-brained mainstream.

For far too long, a handful of sports conglomerants have controlled what we see, read and hear. JerseyChaser is the place that gives fans and athlete a voice by allowing them to share their individual sports experiences with the world. Our site ensures that you get heard, while keeping your vision will remain intact.

The JerseyChaserâ„¢ Features

The content JerseyChaser runs will be the most relevant and entertaining sports stories that you can find on the web. Including as many pop culture references as possible, our features center around two people the athlete and the fan. We feature exclusive athlete interviews, fan videos and pictures, articles, breaking news and anything else that we deem legendary and necessary.

Take a look around and see if you think if there is a need to go to any other sports site, but remember sports are supposed fun so don’t be a salty swordfish. We are always working on something new so look for us to come out with new features on various platforms to make each and every one of your sports experiences easier to share and therefore more legendary.

For now we are out and thanks for the brews,