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Questionable Call

Aaron Rodgers Tweets Words of Wisdom to Geno Smith After NFL Draft 1st-Round Snubbing

Aaron Rodgers Tweet Geno Smith


After spending the entire evening in the green room at the 2013 NFL Draft and not hearing his name called, former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith received some unexpected words of wisdom from an NFL superstar all too familiar with his situation.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who famously spent nearly 5 hours chilling in the green room at Radio City Music Hall back in 2005, provided some encouragement to Smith in the form of this tweet in the aftermath of Smith 1st-round snubbing:

After being projected as a T0p 10 pick and a guaranteed multi-millionaire Smith has now fallen to at least the 2nd round, and a much lighter initial paycheck.

But if Smith can use the snubbing as motivation, like Rodgers did en route to a Super Bowl win and MVP, then the sky is the limit.


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