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2Pac Might Really Be Alive…

Kodackid Apr 30


When we posted our Tupac spotting at the last Celtics home game two weeks ago we didn’t really think nothing of it. The TMZ picked up the story and has had two more Tupac spottings since then!

So now a serious question arises, is Tupac really still alive?

It is quite possible that Pac has been in Cuba chillin with Castro for years releasing music and now he might ave finally decided to come back to the states now that Obama has been in office 100 days. But, take a look at all the spottings that have happened and judge for yourself. Thug Life!



  1. Somu May 30, 2009

    he might jus resemble him… they aint got no dna proof..

  2. bj June 15, 2009

    well duh 2pac is alive he has been alive there is no profe that he is dead because in the pic of his body it did not show he face only his body so there

    thug life

  3. Jodie June 22, 2009

    The top pic of appently 2pac is no way him…he’s no tattoos! why would he go 2 something high profile where cameras are everywhere?? But i do believe he’s alive!

  4. vsfvs September 19, 2009

    thats not 2pac !!!! are you blind where is hes tattoos…. ha? bitch omg…:@

  5. DDDD September 20, 2009

    rather stupid, these pictures are most likely taken long before his death, dont trust anything on the internet its aload of shit !

  6. swagg July 4, 2011

    if this was tupac why would he be at a Boston Celtics game come on now he reps west side or die wouldn’t he be at a lakes game or something just think about it

  7. chunga April 17, 2012

    the first pic is obviously photoshop
    the second is just a resemblence along with the third. tmz just likes to joke.

  8. christian May 30, 2012

    thats not 2pac, thats a professional tennis player at my local club on cape cod!

  9. David July 8, 2012

    Tupac is not alive dumb asses, been dead since ’96.


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