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D Rose, A Crossover, and An Epic Fall

D Rose is turning out to be our favorite of the NBA rookies. Here he makes the veteran Andre Miller fall on a right to left crossover. We hope for his sake that Andre slipped on a drop of sweat, but probs not. Tweet

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In The Face

Starring Andrew Bynum as Fat Man and Joey Graham as an Airplane Bathroom Dunk Score: 10 Anytime a fat dude goes into an airplane bathroom, you can best believe the outcome is not going to be anything pretty. Well, neither was this mid-air-shit-on by Bynum. Don’t you just hate being […]

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NFL Week 13…Plus the Wes Welker Hit

The Playoff race is heating up like Plax’s leg on a Friday night. Here is a brief recap of Sunday’s action and the Wes Welker hit after the jump. Dolphins vs Rams- Quietly the Tuna has the ‘Phins lurking in the Playoff midst. 49ers vs Bills- After a promising start […]

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