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101 Comments and Now UNCENSORED Picture!

The comments are in…thanks everyone. So here we have it, the picture. All thanks go to the picture-taker. A legend. A man who saw something he liked and decided to act. We are just here to share his vision with the world. Since sharing is caring and you all seem to like material like this, you can best believe we will be giving you more. But savor this one for now. Drag it to your desktop and save it for personal use…o yeah the picture when you read more…

“That’s what I love about these college girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

JerseyChaser.com…. we got something bigger than the OJ Trial!



  1. Bo November 23, 2008

    Oh nuts What a disapointment……I guess her going commando was to much, No on second thought I dont need to see that Thanks for the view anyway.


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